Hello! My name is Andrey Katerinich, and this is my personal site.
I have been working as a programmer since 2007. I am developing applications for Windows.

I have been running the site since October 2010. At first I used the site to attract customers for freelance. Then he published various articles on programming, on databases, on completed projects, etc. D. I developed the programs “Developer's Magazine”, “My Garage” - accounting for expenses on cars (expenses, mileage, etc.), “Collector” - accounting for collections (books, stamps, toys, etc.). Since I am fond of car models, there was a section “Models” on the site with a list of models that I have, with a breakdown by brand, body type, and other characteristics.

But then came December 2019, and I decided to expand the theme of the site and not be limited solely to programming. Someone may ask: “The site is so old. Where are the articles? ” I answer: my site always worked on cms Joomla, but in September 2019 I decided to change it to Wordpress and just demolished the whole site. I installed Wordpress, installed a beautiful template, and my site began to redirect to the casino site. Of course, I tried to defeat this disaster, but I could not handle it in a simple way, and again I returned to my friend Jumla, and I began to fill out the site first.

The name of the site chelproject comes from the name of the city in which I was born - Chelyabinsk (chel) and from the word project (project). Translated into Russian projects from Chelyabinsk or Chelyabinsk projects. Projects, of course, are software.